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Jonathan Kerendian: Visionary
Founder of Blue Rock Property Group
Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment 

As a leading real estate organization based in New York, Blue Rock Property Group LLC specializes in acquiring, developing, and managing real estate investments. We are committed to maximizing returns for our clients through the strategic selection of multi-family and commercial properties, complemented with continuous active management to enhance each asset's fiscal performance.

Blue Rock Property Group LLC identifies underperforming properties plagued by substandard conditions and undervalued leases. With strategic investments and innovative modernization techniques, we transform these overlooked gems into thriving establishments, elevating them to command market-competitive rents.

Create the future you envision with real estate investments. All our investors receive access to our comprehensive Investor Portal, a dynamic platform that empowers investors with vital information regarding their investments. The portal allows easy access to essential documents and offers an interactive dashboard for investors to gain a transparent view of their portfolio.

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